Where ‘Blooper’ and ‘Lawsuit’ Intersect.

Maybe people don’t need my help to understand that doctors are not out to get them. Maybe that’s TV’s job.

Boston Med anyone?

I haven’t actually seen it, but from what I’ve read in the reviews, it’s a documentary about a hospital. Despite hospitals being fairly common places that everybody hate, enough people are interested in goes on in them to warrant a prime-time documentary.

I get it. People don’t want to know what’s going on in the hospital, people want to know what goes on insides doctor’s heads. Who are those guys that play God? Or maybe they just want to see how reality stacks up to Grey’s Anatomy.

Personally, my preferred source of voyeuristic doctor insight is non-fiction literature, sub genre: medical memoir. It’s not just Atul Gawande, everyone with an MD is doing it.

What is it like to go through the notoriously difficult education and clinical training process? To work in a field where so much is unknown and the stakes are literally life and death? Memoirs that answer those questions can offer comfort to students and young doctors going through the process and humanize medicine for the rest of us.

Now, I understand that a book is a bit more of a time commitment than reality TV, but I’m telling you, it’s better. No production editor cutting out the bloopers (aka lawsuit material), no melodramatic music to cue up your emotions.

And, to help you decide which medical memoirs are worth your time, and which will have you laughing at the writer instead of with her, I will be reviewing them on an ongoing basis.

Stay tuned.


One thought on “Where ‘Blooper’ and ‘Lawsuit’ Intersect.

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