Diagnosis: Rockstar.

I love TED Talks. Scientists should always be treated like rockstars, and rock concerts should have more scientists in them.

Take Aditi Shankardass’s talk about using an EEG machine to detect learning disorders in children. Shankardass might not have the best stage presence, but she does a great job of explaining how she uses brain wave readings to correctly diagnose brain disorders in children.

Lucid presentation on such a hot button topic really deserves a medal. The science behind learning and behavioral disorders is so unsettled, journalists can look at the facts and can come down on completely opposite sides of the fence. Are children being given the best of modern medicine or are they being poisoned into conformity?

It takes time for the science to accumulate into a clear picture, and luckily, Shankardass isn’t the only one looking to diagnose disorders like ADD with something other than behavioral analysis. Shankardass’s test is particularly important because it points to a physiological root to the problem.

For some reason, people find physiology less debatable than behavior.


3 thoughts on “Diagnosis: Rockstar.

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