Researchers Are So Refreshingly Optimistic.

I may have mentioned this in previous posts, but I can’t say it enough. I love TED talks. And I finally realized why–they are always so optimistic.

Obviously, TED is about people who’ve come up with creative ways to solve really difficult problems, but it’s still amazing how well they do. Take William Li. I actually had the pleasure of meeting him at a Harvard Business School conference on healthy policy. He spoke with my friend, Nathan Reagan, after Nathan asked a group of panelist about entrepreneurial opportunities in preventative medicine, focusing on diet.

It is now completely clear to me why Li found Nathan’s question so interesting. Not only has Li pioneered angiogenesis treatments as a means of fighting cancer, he also advocates plant consumption as a means of starving cancer of its blood supply before it ever becomes dangerous.

Remember how I said researchers should really be treated like rockstars?

Fun Fact: U2 Rockstar David “The Edge” Howell Evans actually sits on The Angiogenesis Foundation Board of Directors.


4 thoughts on “Researchers Are So Refreshingly Optimistic.

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