It’s Probably Best to Lose Big Anyway . . .

As I mentioned last week, the U.S. healthcare system invests a lot of money in end-of-life care. Actually, the U.S. invests so much, the healthcare system is the most expensive in the world.

Now, it might be okay for the U.S. to be spending like crazy on healthcare if that meant that it DELIVERED the best care to its citizens. But it does not. According to the recently released Mirror, Mirror study by The Commonwealth Fund, the U.S. healthcare system ranks last when compared to six other developed nations.

To let the horror of this information really wash over you, click here for the interactive “web feature,” and here for the podcast.

Now, some people may wonder how this can be possible. I don’t know. The “desire to cure death” argument is fairly persuasive. Other interesting possibilities I found this week:

  • The U.S. healthcare system is based on misinformation. Think the government had a hands-off approach to healthcare before “socialist” Obama came along? Think again.

Well, I guess the problem is people haven’t been thinking again. Or even a first time.

As long as healthcare is such an irrationally partisan issue, “facts” will have little place in the debate. At least when it comes to healthcare, the U.S. is the best loser.


3 thoughts on “It’s Probably Best to Lose Big Anyway . . .

  1. Is it your position, or are you stating as fact, that Obama IS a socialist, or are you using the word as he is regularly labeled by some groups and inividuals in the ongoing health care debate? If so perhaps the word should be in quotations, of prefaced by “so-called…”.

    • You are right John. I know I am joking, I hope most of my readers know that I am joking, but I want to make sure the people who regularly label him that know I am joking. Quotations added.

      Thanks for commenting!

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