Surgery: Like Making Love to a Woman.

I am still working my way through Dr. Melvin Konner‘s memoir “Becoming a Doctor: A Journey of Initiation in Medical School,” but I came across a little excerpt that is just too good not to share this very moment:

“I watched the surgeon take out the offending node and prepare it for pathological study. But that was anticlimatic. I was more interested in the blood on my fingers, the lingering mystery, the feeling in my hand. It was like the feeling or even the smell of a hand used in making love to a woman; my fingers had been inside another person’s body, not just in the mouth or in the vagina or the rectum, but beneath the protective surface of the skin, the inviolable film set up by millions of years of evolution, the envelope of ultimate individuality.”

Yeah. Think about it.


6 thoughts on “Surgery: Like Making Love to a Woman.

  1. Don’t fret all, when you become so intimately attached to the human body on a daily basis it is sometimes hard to distinguish emotion, comparison, metaphor, etc. It is normal….and usually not disgusting but I’m surprised that Konner ACTUALLY published that!

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