UPDATED: Better Dead Than Bitter.

I have neglected an integral part of the healthcare industry up until now. Who brings the patients to the backed-up Emergency Departments in hospitals across the country? Paramedics and EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians). They also experience very high levels of workplace violence.

In my first-ever edited video, Josh Kapelman, Director of Education for Tufts Emergency Medical Services (EMS), explains why he teaches EMT courses instead of working on an ambulance himself.


2 thoughts on “UPDATED: Better Dead Than Bitter.

  1. How about looking at prehospital providers even more and their role in the system, the lack of respect among nurses (less so doctors interestingly, do nurses feel threatened???), the lack of pay, the increased liability that they actually have, the level of care that they actually provide (more aggresive and autonomous than nurses in fact in many ways), the long hours, poor minimum education requirements, fierce abuse of the system by patients in which they work, certainly abuse (you mention that)…want to do a ride along??

  2. It’s very difficult to balance patient care with EMS safety and is sometimes hard for the public to understand that health workers are at risk as well.

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