Jumping on the Bandwagon.

How do healthcare topics become trendy? I don’t know. But since celebrity doctor/researcher/writer Atul Gawande is jumping on the bandwagon, rethinking end-of-life-care is definitely becoming a hot topic in healthcare.

Katy Butler for The New York Times may have beaten Gwande to press, but Gwande’s new article, “Letting Go,” appearing in The New Yorker Aug. 2, paints a more complex portrait of how doctors currently treat the terminally ill, including how much the current approach is costing the American government.

Click here to listen to Atul Gawande discussing his new piece on NPR.


One thought on “Jumping on the Bandwagon.

  1. It is becoming a hot topic. Both of Boston’s local NPR shows – The Emily Rooney and Callie Crossley show had local doctors. on to talk about the subject.

    Dr. Ira Byock: Director of Palliative Medicine at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and the author of Dying Well was on the show, and anyone interested in the topic may also be interested in Dr. Byock’s perspective on how we should approach an issue that directly impacts the country’s healthcare costs.

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