Restricting Women’s Rights. Ew.

A comment on my recent post, “Female-centric Healthcare,” asked how many women voted for the Oklahoma bills restricting abortion.

They sure don’t seem like something a woman would vote for.

The first bill requires a woman seeking an abortion to listen to a detailed description of her fetus while staring at it on an ultrasound. The second, protects doctors who omit other information, like say, the health of the fetus, from being sued down the road. Both passed in April, over-riding the Governor’s vetoes.

Though I can’t find a list of representatives who voted for the bills, there are only 12 women out of 101 representatives in the Oklahoma legislature anyway. Most of the people who voted these bills into law had to be men.

Sadly, men are not entirely to blame for this–it was a woman who first introduced the ultrasound bill. Click here to see Lisa J. Billy spin the restrictive law as a victory for informed consent.

Whoever edited the clip for the Oklahoma House website seems oblivious to the irony of having Dan Sullivan‘s comments on his protect-a-doctor’s-right-to-mislead-law, follow Billy’s interview. These people obviously have spent so much of their budget on speech writers there is nothing left for video editing.


4 thoughts on “Restricting Women’s Rights. Ew.

  1. I’m left unsettled after reading this post. It’s disturbing there are only 12 women out of the 101 representatives voting to pass legislation that has a very palpable impact on a woman’s life. While I am sure each of those men have a woman in their life they love and care for, there is something to be said about a voting body with a retardedly lopsided gender ratio. Even if the legislature would have passed, I’m sure more revisions to it would have been demanded.

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